From the Front to the West Coast

From the Front to the West Coast

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Kelly, Leena
From the Front to the West Coast. The Recollections of the Finnish War Veterans in Vancouver
Erikoisjulkaisut - E 5
Turku 2014, 170 pp.


This is a story of a country, Finland, at war as told through the experiences of veterans. The book starts off with the Winter War, and continues on to the two other wars that followed, revealing history through personal experience as well as the consequences to the country as a whole; tragedy and hope. However, after the war, these veterans left the country they had so fiercely defended to start a new life in Canada. This unique project, a historical snapshot, searches for answers as to why they left Finland for Canada. Did the wars influence their decision?


ISBN 978-952-5889-70-3
ISSN 2323-654X