From Nature to Psyche

From Nature to Psyche

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From Nature to Psyche. Proceedings from the ISI Summer Congresses at Imatra in 2001–2002. Editor Eero Tarasti
Semiotic Society of Finland International Semiotics Institute at Imatra
Acta Semiotica Fennica XX
Helsinki 2004, 347 pp.


The Imatra Summer Congresses have always mirrored the most recent developments in the study of signs. This anthology consists mostly of papers delivered at the congresses of 2001 and 2002. We are facing a new wawe of semiotics, which is no longer focusing on things post, but on the future - a wawe that surges forward to meet the new intellectual challenges posed by humankinds situation in the early 2000s. What neosemiotics will become is as yet hard to say, but to recall Saussures famous prediction, it has the right to exist.


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