Folklore of the Change

Folklore of the Change

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Ivanova, Radost
Folklore of the Change. Folk Culture in Post-Socialist Bulgaria
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
FF Communications 270
Vammala 1999, 127 pp.


The book analyses the developments taking place in Bulgaria in the years following November 10, 1989. The dynamics of the political and socio-economic changes in that period are comparable only to the most extreme periods of Bulgarias history. This study is not a political analysis. It is an attempt to follow the changes in peoples mentality. This book documents the enthusiasm of the negation of a chimera lasting half a century and the euphoria of the search for new roads. The volume consists of eight studies, seven of which deal with the democratic processes and developments in Sofia.


ISBN 951-41-0840-X
ISSN 0014-5815