Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXVII

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXVII

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXVII. Ed. Tiina Äikäs and Titta Kallio-Seppä
Suomen Arkeologinen Seura
Vaasa 2020,


Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXVII includes among others articles: Anna Jelicic, The Natural Selection: Re-evaluating the Significance of Natural Products in Viking Age Cremation Rituals; Janne Ikäheimo, From Obvious to Ambiguous: A Comparative Case Study of Crucible Fragments from a Bronze Age Site in Northern Finland; Tuija Kirkinen, Jaana Riikinen, Carla Dove & Juha Ruohonen, The Identification and Use of Fur Feathers Excavated from the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval (12th–13th Centuries) Ravattula Ristimäki Cemetery in Kaarina, Southwest Finland; Jonas Monié Nordin & Carl-Gösta Ojala, An Industrial Revolution in an Indigenous Landcape: The Copper Extraction of the Early Modern Torne River Valley in its Global Context; Karin Tansem, Retracing Storsteinen: A Deviant Rock Art Site in Alta, Northern Norway; Frog, The Ålandic Clay Paw Rite, the Question of Seals, and Conventions of Interpretation; Ulla Moilanen & Mikko Moilanen, An Early Medieval Sword with Unique Inlays from Finland; Suzie Thomas, Marta Lorenzon & Rick Bonnie, Living Communities and Their Archaeologies: Northern European Cases; Ilari Aalto, Possibilities of Public Excavations in the Urban Context; Eeva Raike, Hanna Henttinen & Sanna Saunaluoma, Community Archaeology at the Reposaari Takaranta Historic Rock Carving Site, West Coast Finland; Gabriel Moshenska, Archaeological Excavations as Sites of Public Protest in Twentieth-Century Britain 181.


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