Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXV

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXV

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXV. Editors-in-chief Elisabeth Holmqvist-Sipilä and Kerkko Nordqvist
Suomen Arkeologinen Seura
Vaasa 2018, 128 pp.


Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXV includes among others articles: Marte Spangen & Markus Fjellström, A Fishy Tale about a Sheep and a Dog: Isotope Studies and Medieval Sámi Mobility and Husbandry in Inner Finnmark, Northern Norway; Marko M. Marila, Finnish Reactions to New Archaeology; Hans Peter Blankholm, Reflections on the Early Mesolithic of Troms, Northern Norway, in the Light of Recent Excavations and Research; Kristjan Sander & Aivar Kriiska, New Archaeological Data and Paleolandscape Reconstructions of the Basin of Early and Middle Holocene Lake near Kunda, North Eastern Estonia; Kristiina Johanson, Missing Interpretations: Tracing Natural Artefacts in Estonian archaeological material; Janne Ikäheimo, Somnium pro templo - On the Date and Location of the First Ecclesiastic Building on the Hailuoto Island.


ISSN 0781-7126