Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXII

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXII

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXXII. Editor-in-chief Antti Lahelma
Suomen Arkeologinen Seura
Vaasa 2015, 172 s.


Articles: Johan E. Arntzen, Sandvika in Northern Norway: The Northernmost `Bronze Age´ Settlement in Scandinavia; Mikhail Zhilin, Early Mesolithic Bone Arrowheads from the Volga-Oka Interfluve, Central Russia; Satu Koivisto & Katariina Nurminen, Go with the Flow: Stationary Wooden Fishing Structures and the Significance of Estuary Fishing in Subneolithic Finland; Trond K. Lødøen, Treatment of Corpses, Consumption of the Soul and Production of Rock Art: Approaching Late Mesolithic Mortuary Practises Reflected in the Rock Art of Western Norway; Tuija Kirkinen, The Role of Wild Animals in Death Rituals: Furs and Animal Skins in Late Iron Age Inhumation Burials in Southeastern Fennoscandia; Per H. Ramqvist & Greger Hörnberg, Burial Mounds as Settlement Indicators: Archaeological and Palynological Investigations at Sangis, Northern Sweden


ISSN 0781-7126