Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVIII

Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVIII

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XXVIII. Editors Janne Ikäheimo Antti Lahelma
Archaeological Society of Finland
Vaasa 2011, 94 pp.


Articles: iElin Rose Myrvoll, Alma Thuestad Inger Marie Holm-Olsen/i, Wild Reindeer Hunting in Arctic Norway: Landscape, Reindeer Migration Patterns and the Distribution of Hunting Pits in Finnmark; iHans Peter Blankholm/i, Plugging the Gap: Early Metal Age in the Ostu Mountain Pass, Troms, Northern Norway; iAsgeir Svestad/i, The Impact of Materiality on Sámi Burial Customs and Religious Concepts; iAuli Tourunen/i, Burnt, Fragmented and Mixed: Identification and Interpretation of Domestic Animal Bones in Finnish Burnt Bone Assemblages; iKerkko Nordqvist al./i, Lillberget Reloaded: Re-examining an Anomalous Comb Ware Site in Överkalix, North Sweden; iJari-Matti Kuusela Siiri Tolonen/i, A Late Iron Age Site from Siikajoki, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland; iTiina Väre al./i, Computed Tomography in Aid of Osteoarcheology ‒ a Case Study of Mummified Remains of Vicar Nikolaus Rungius.


ISSN 0781-7126