Fennoscandia Archaeologica XII

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Fennoscandia Archaeologica XII. Editor J.-P. Taavitsainen
Archaeological Society of Finland
Ekenäs 1995, 224 pp.


Articles: Sofia Andersson & al., The Ängersjö Project — A Systemic Approach to the Development of the Boreal Forest Village; Eero Autio, Horned Anthropomorphic Figures in Finnish Rock-paintings: Shamans or Something Else? Gösta Bågenholm, Corded Ware Ceramics in Finland and Sweden; Pavel Dolukhanov, The Holocene Environment and Prehistoric Settlement in the North-eastern Baltic Area; Elisabeth Grönlund, Heikki Simola & Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen, Land Use History of the Karelian Isthmus — A Project Outline; Högne Jungner, Dating in Archaeology; Timo Jussila, Shore-level Displacement of the Prehistoric Dwelling Sites in the Ancient Lake Saimaa Complex; Tuovi Kankainen, Aleksandr Saksa & Pirjo Uino, The Early History of the Fortress of Käkisalmi, Russian Karelia — Archaeological and Radiocarbon Evidence; Jorma Karman, Stone Age Settlements on the Torne River; Environmental Aspects; Tuija Kirkinen, GIS in Modelling the Viking Age Environment in Taipalsaari, Southern Karelia; Mika Lavento & Seppo Hornytzkyj, On Asbestos Used as Temper in Finnish Subneolithic, Neolithic and Early Metal Period Pottery; Leena Lehtinen & Timo Sepänmaa, Surveys of Archaeological Sites in Southern Savo; Terttu Lempiäinen, Medieval Plant Remains from the Fortress of Käkisalmi, Karelia (Russia); Markus Lindholm& al., A Tree-Ring Record of Past Summer Temperatures in Northern Finnish Lapland; Nadezda Lobanova, Economy and Mode of Life of the Neolithic Population on the Eastern Shore of Lake Onega; Milton Nuñez, Agrarian Colonization and Settlement of the Åland Islands in the First Millenium AD.; Milton Nuñez, Reflections on Finnish Rock Art and Ethnohistorical Data; Hilkka Oksala, Cultural Problems of North Bothnian Stone Age Related to the Concepts of Locality and Society — Towards an Artefact Analysis of Some Material Assemblages in SW Finnish Lapland; Petro Pesonen, Hut Floor Areas and Ceramics — Analysis of the Excavation Area in the Rääkkylä Pörrinmökki Settlement Site, Eastern Finland; Anne Petäjä-Ronkainen & Jari Okkonen, Traces of Human Prehistoric Influnce on Podzol Profiles — Preliminary Remarks; Hannu Poutiainen, Elisabeth Grönlund & Martti Koponen, Joining the Forces: Archaeologists and Palaeoecologists in the Traces of North Karelian Settlement and Land-Use History; Jouko Räty, The Red Ochre Graves of Vaateranta in Taipalsaari; Erik Sandén, An Early Bronze Age Site on the Coast of Västerbotten, Sweden, with Hair-Tempered Textile Pottery; Mark Shahnovich, Cult Complex on the Mountain Vottovaara; Vladimir Shumkin, The Sami and the Lapps: Problems of Identification; Vladimir Shumkin, Western and Eastern Traditions in the Aboriginal Culture of Northern Fennoscandia; Heikki Simola, Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen & Elisabeth Grönlund, Soil Types and Development of Agriculture in the Province of Savo; Anne Vikkula, Settlement and Environment in the Southern Saimaa Area during the Stone Age; Saara Wilhelms, A Natural-Geographical Study of Prehistoric Sites; Irmeli Vuorela, Pollen Evidence of Stone Age and Early Metal Age Settlement in Taipalsaari, Southern Karelia, Eastern Finland; Pentti Zetterberg, Aleksandr Saksa & Pirjo Uino, The Early History of the Fortress of Käkisalmi, Russian Karelia, as Evidenced by New Dendrochronological Dating Results.


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