Ethnologia Fennica 39

Ethnologia Fennica 39

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Ethnologia Fennica 39. Homes and Emotions. Editor-in-chief Pirjo Korkiakangas
Jyväskylä 2012, 148 pp.


Articles: Sanna Lillbroända-Annala, Living a Dream in a Conflict Zone? Old Wooden Town Housing in Change; Aura Kivilaakso, Rethinking Homes in an Urban Planning Debate; Leena Rossi, One Man's Thirteen Adobes; Anu Kannike, Domesticating Social Change: Estonian Home in Transition; Janusz Barański, Home ‒ A World of Serious Life. An Overview of Rituality and Materiality in our Homes; Michael Amundsen, Finding a Home in Public Space: Street Performance in Tallinn, Estonia and Beyond; Jukka Jouhki, Home Sweet Computerized Home. The Meaning of Home in Korean Ubiquitous Society Vision.


ISSN 0355-1776