Ethnic and Linguistic Context of Identity

Ethnic and Linguistic Context of Identity

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Ethnic and Linguistic Context of Identity. Finno-Ugric Minorities. Edited by Riho Grünthal Magdolna Kovács
Finno-Ugrian Society. University of Helsinki Finno-Ugric Language Section
Uralica Helsingiensia 5
Sastamala 2011, 406 pp.


This book focuses on the language and language identity of individual speakers and communities among the Finno-Ugric minorities, living today in a world in which borders can easily be crossed. Social, economic and political changes that have affected language communities also affect the domains in which a given language is used. The Finno-Ugric minorities have different histories, their political and economic circumstances are far from uniform, and they also differ from the majority language groups in many ways. Every language community has its own special characteristics that illustrate the fate of language minorities in more general terms.


ISBN 978-952-5667-28-8
ISSN 1797-3945