Enemy Within

Enemy Within

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Koskivirta, Anu
The Enemy Within. Homicide and Control in Eastern Finland in the Final Years of Swedish Rule 1748–1808
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Historica 5
Tampere 2003, 217 pp.


The analysis of homicide in northern Savo and northern Karelia reveals characteristics that were exceptional by Western European standards: the large proportion of premeditated homicides (murders) and those within the family is more reminiscent of modern cities in the West than of a pre-modern rural society. This study uses case analysis to explore the causes for the increase in both familial homicide and murder in the area. One of the explanatory factors that is dealt with is the interaction between the faltering penal practice that then existed and the increase in certain types of homicide.


ISBN 951-746-474-6
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