Early Reception of Paul

Early Reception of Paul

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The Early Reception of Paul. Edited by Kenneth Liljeström
Finnish Exegetical Society
Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 99
Jyväskylä 2011, 192 pp.


From his own lifetime to this day, Paul the apostle has engendered rivaling interpretations of his true intentions and theology. The literary reception of Paul’s letters in various early Christian writings makes up the focal point of this volume. Some of the essays take up familiar topics from the history of research but offer solutions that swim against the current, challenging the prevailing scholarly views. Others, while discussing a familiar theme, approach it from a fresh angle. Together the articles offer the reader a thought-provoking perspective into the question of the literary reception in early Christian texts.


ISBN 978-951-9217-54-3
ISSN 0356-2786