Early in the North. 5

Early in the North. 5

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Early in the North. 5. Editor Mika Lavento
Finnish Antiquarian Society Archaeological Society of Finland
Iskos 13
Vammala 2004, 155 pp.


Contents: iAri Siiriäinen/i, Aarni Erä-Esko 80 years; The Bibliography of Dr. Aarni Erä-Esko; iChristian Carpelan/i, The Early in the North Project - Background and Objectives; iChristian Carpelan/i, Environment, Archaeology and Radiocarbon Dates. Notes from the Inari Region, Northern Finnish Lapland; iChristian Carpelan/i, Corded Ware Culture in Northern Finland; iAri Siiriäinen/i, The Archaeology of the Ancient Lake Kolpene in Rovaniemi: a Review of Investigations; iSheila Hicks, Antti Huttunen Raija-Liisa Huttunen/i, A Pollen Record of the Presence of Hunter-fisher Communities in the Vicinity of Lake Retsamo, Finnish Lapland; iMika Lavento, Raija-Liisa Huttunen Antti Huttunen/i, Palynological Investigations at the Ruhtinansalmi Dwelling-site Complex in Suomussalmi. Anthropogenic Pollen Evidence for a Hunter-gatherer Economy? iPirkko Ukkonen/i, Early in the North - Utilization of Animal Resources in Northern Finland during Prehistory; iJari Mäki/i, The Annual Cycle of the Settlements of the Circumpolar Peoples.


ISBN 951-9057-51-X
ISSN 0355-3108