Dynamic Universe

 Dynamic Universe

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Suntola, Tuomo
The Dynamic Universe. Toward a unified picture of physical reality
Luonnonfilosofian seura - Samfundet för naturfilosofi
Publications of the Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy
Latvia 2018, fourth, complemented edition, 309 pp.


The Dynamic Universe theory is a holistic description of the observable physical reality. Like the Copernican revolution, the DU creates a system perspective allowing straightforward mathematics and a conceivable cosmological picture of the universe — and gives precise predictions to observables without dark energy or other artificial parameters. It is a unifying theory converting spacetime in variable coordinates into dynamic space in absolute coordinates. The Dynamic Universe theory relies on an overall zero-energy balance in space and the conservation of the total energy in interactions in space. Instead of the relativity of an object to the observer, relativity in DU space means relativity of local to the whole — relativity appears a measure of the locally available share of the total energy in space.


ISBN 978-952-68101-2-6