Donor's Works

Donor's Works

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Malmström, Synnöve
The Donor's Works. Old Art in the Collections of the Amos Anderson Art Museum
Kirjokansi 101
Riga 2015, 187 pp.


Newspaper and publishing magnate Amos Anderson (1878‒1961) was an important patron of the arts and culture in Finland. He was particularly interested in medieval art and provided financial support for the restoration of several medieval churches. Anderson´s religious convictions and involvement in Catholic traditions were reflected in an interest in Italy, and he was instrumental in founding the Finnish Institute in Rome. The Amos Anderson Museum has a collection of old art mainly consisting of religious art. It was dear to Anderson and the works were mounted on the walls of his home. The Donor´s Works presents the most interesting pieces and discusses attributions of works, problematic motifs, and a few cases of surprising results from technical research.


ISBN 978-952-222-656-3