Dialectologia Arabica

Dialectologia Arabica

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Dialectologia Arabica. A Collection of Articles in Honour of the Sixtieth Birthday of Professor Heikki Palva
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 75
Vammala 1995, 304 pp.


Articles: iF. Abu-Haidar/i, The linguistic content of Iraqi popular songs; iL. Bettini/i, Trois contes féminins du Moyen Euphrate; iD. Caubet/i, iža/i, élément narratif dans le récit familier en arabe marocain; iM. Doss/i, Some remarks on the oral factor in Arabic linguistics; iK. Eksell/i, Complexity of linguistic change as reflected in Arabic dialects; iW. Fischer/i, Zum Verhältnis der neuarabischen Dialekte zum Klassisch-Arabischen; iO.B. Frolova/i, Egyptian folk songs in the unique manuscripts of the St. Petersburg University Library; iJ. Grand’Henry/i, Quelques proto-formes nominales et verbales en arabe maghrébin; iC. Holes/i, The rat and the ship’s captain: A dialogue-poem (imuhawara/i) from the Gulf; iB. Ingham/i, Texts in the dialect of the Rwalah of Northern Arabia; iO. Jastrow/i, Das Mädchen mit den sieben Brüdern. Ein Text im arabischen Dialekt von Qartmin; iJ. Lentin/i, iKan ya ma kan/i: sur quelques emplois de ima/i dans les dialectes arabes du Moyen-Orient; iA. van Reisen/i, Synchronic Jim-variation in Jordan: A mirror of historical change; iJ. Retsö/i, Pronominal state in colloquial Arabic: A diachronic attempt; iJ. Rosenhouse/i, Features of intonation in Bedouin Arabic narratives of the Galilee (Northern Israel); iA. Roth/i, La particule iya/i comme opérateur stylistique dans quelques énigmes arabes maghrébines; iH. Shehadeh/i, Borad and his brothers in Kufir-Yasif dialect; iH.-R. Singer/i, Ein arabischer Text aus Safi (Marokko); iM. Vanhove/i, A propos du verbe dans les dialectes arabes de Yafi (Yémen); iM. Woidich/i, Das Kairenische im 19. Jh.: Gedanken zu Tantawi’s i“Traité de la langue arabe vulgaire”/i; iA. Zaborski/i, First person pronouns in Arabic in the light of Arabic and Hamito-Semitic dialectology; Bibliography of Professor Heikki Palva’s publications.


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