Creating Diversities

Creating Diversities

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Creating Diversities. Folklore, Religion and the Politics of Heritage. Edited by Anna-Leena Siikala, Barbro Klein Stein R. Mathisen
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Fennica. Folkloristica 14
Tampere 2004, 307 pp.


iCreating Diversities. Folklore, Religion and the Politics of Heritage/i emphasizes two important factors in the cultural and political exchanges among historical minorities, recent immigrants, and the majority groups dictating the conditions of these exchanges. The first factor is religion, which is a powerful tool in the construction of ethnic selves and in the establishment of boundaries between groups. The second factor is the role of national and regional folklore archives and ethnographic and cultural historical museums which create ideas and images of minorities. These representations, created in different political climates, affect the general understanding of the people depicted.


ISBN 951-746-631-5
ISSN 1235-1946