Coon in the Box

Coon in the Box

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Minton, John Evans, David
The Coon in the Box. A Global Folktale in African-American Context
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
FF Communications 277
Vammala 2001, 112 pp.


Among the most popular of all African-American folktales is the story folklorists know as The Coon in the Box, itself a derivative of the extremely old and widespread narrative usually identified, after Brothers Grimm, as Doctor Know-All (Doktor Allwissend) (AaTh 1641). Not coincidentally, this item has served as a centerpiece in the debate over the sources of New World black folktales. A detailed analysis of The Coon in the Box, its life history and cultural context thus reveals a great deal not only of the nature of African-American oral narratives in and of themselves, but also of the challenges confronting scholars in investigating the origins, diffusion, and development of these traditions.


ISBN 951-41-0895-7
ISSN 0014-5815