Collaborative Representations

Collaborative Representations

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Kuutma, Kristin
Collaborative Representations. Interpreting the Creation of a Sámi Ethnography and a Seto Epic
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
FF Communications 289
Vammala 2006, 282 pp.


The focus of this book revolves around two manifestly representative texts from the early twentieth century: Johan Turis story of Sámi experience iMuitalus sámiid birra/i and the Seto epic iPeko/i performed by Anne Vabarna. The current analysis of the complex performative interaction between the culture bearer, his or her repertoire, and the culture researcher benefits from an interdisciplinary anthropological and folkloristic approach, informed by hybridity and the blurring of disciplinary boundaries in historicizing inquiries into cultural documentation and textual practices.


ISBN 951-41-0969-4
ISSN 0014-5815