Citizens of the Kingdom

Citizens of the Kingdom

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Mattila, Talvikki
Citizens of the Kingdom. Followers in Matthew from a Feminist Perspective
Finnish Exegetical Society / Vandenhoeck Ruprecht
Publications of the Finnish Exegetical Society 83
Vammala 2002, 208 pp.


The identification of the disciples as the followers and male leaders in early Christianity continues to affect the norms and conventions of modern Christianity. This patriarchal view can be challenged by claiming the existence and importance of the other followers in the Gospel narratives. This dissertation offers an inclusive perspective of following in Matthews narrative. In Matthew, the basic idea of Gods ibasileia/i is subversive and relational, and as such, it is compatible with the feminist idea of power where neither hierarchy nor domination exists. In Matthews narrative, all who follow Jesus share equal citizenship in Gods ibasileia/i.


ISBN 951-9217-38-X
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