Castella Maris Baltici X

Castella Maris Baltici X

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Castella Maris Baltici X. Finland 24‒29.8.2009 Raseborg, Olavinlinna and Häme Castles. Editors Kari Uotila, Terhi Mikkola & Anna-Maria Vilkuna
Finnish Society for Medieval Archaeology
Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae XVIII
Saarijärvi 2012, 217 pp.


The proceedings of the Castella Maris Baltici X conference contain twenty four articles on the castles sited around the Baltic Sea and the Continent. Castella Maris Baltic conferences have been organised in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea since 1991 and the tenth conference was held in Finland in 2009. The articles in this publication present the new approaches and analysing methods used on the medieval castles of the Baltic region. These methods analyse and consider the everyday life and inhabitants of the castles, environs outside the walls and the restoration and modern uses of these historical sites.


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