Byzantium and the North 9

Byzantium and the North 9

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Byzantium and the North 9. Acta Byzantina Fennica. Editor-in-Chief René Gothóni.
Finnish Society for Byzantine Studies
Helsinki 1999, 214 pp.


Articles: iLena Cansdale/i, Vikings by Boat to Byzantium; iChris J. Chulos/i, Religious and Secular Aspects of Pilgrimage in Modern Russia; iMatti Kotiranta/i, The Palamite Idea of Perichoresis of the Persons of the Trinity in the light of Contemporary neo-Palamite Analysis; iGeorge P. Majeska/i, The Byzantines on the Slavs: On the Problem of Ethnic Stereotyping; iKarl-Erik Michelsen/i, Massacre in the Monastery; iThomas S. Noonan Roman K. Kovalev/i, Wine and Oil For All the Rus! The Importation of Byzantine Wine and Olive Oil to Kievan Rus; iJoseph Roilidis/i, Eastern Monasticism: From Desert to the Ultimate North. An Architectural Appraisal.


ISSN 0356-1879