Byzantium and the North 8

Byzantium and the North 8

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Byzantium and the North 8. Acta Byzantina Fennica. Editor-in-chief René Gothoni
Finnish Society for Byzantine Studies
Helsinki 1997, 213 pp.


Articles: Jukka Korpela, A new Christ, Holy Mother and Judas in Medieval Russia; Martti Leiwo & Risto Pekka Pennanen, Byzantine Secular Music – Fact or Fiction? Jeanette Lindblom, Conscious forgery or church political re-use: problems with the pseudonymity of the Corpus Dionysiacum; Thomas S. Noonan & Roman K. Kovalev, Prayer, Illumination, and Good Times: The export of Byzantine wine and oil to the North of Russia in Pre-Mongol Times; Leena Mari Peltomaa, Zur Interpretation des Hymnos Akathistos; Hanna-Riitta Toivanen, The Story behind a Russian Double-sided Icon of the Mother of God of Blachernai and the Archangel Michael in Asikkala, Finland; Timo Tuomi, Byzantine Architecture of the Fringe of the Empire. San Marco in Venice as interpreted by 19th century Finnish and Swedish writers; Marja Tuominen, The Mother of God Image in the Chora Church. A hymnographic aspect of the iconographical approach; Irina Gurvits, The History of the Oldest Icon in Valammo Monastery, the Virgin of the Sign; Mika Hakkarainen, The Official Liaison. Maria Skleraina and Konstantinos IX Monomachos; Marja Tuominen, A Journey to the Closed and Open Byzantium of Forms and Colours, Light and Shadow.


ISSN 0356-1879