Building Roma Aeterna

Building Roma Aeterna

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Building Roma Aeterna. Current Research on Roman Mortar and Concrete. Proceedings of the conference March 27–29 2008. Editors Åsa Ringbom Robert L. Hohlfelder. Assistant editors Pia Sjöberg Pia Sonck-Koota
Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters
Commentationes Humanarum Litterarum 128
Ekenäs 2011, 258 pp.


Including articles: iJohn R. Hale/i, Beyond the Eternal City: Roman Concrete in Global Perspective; iLinn W. Hobbs Ruth Siddall/i, Cementitious Materials of the Ancient World; iLynne C. Lancaster/i, The Use of Lightweight Concrete in Rome, Cilicia, and Tunisia; iPhilip Brune Renato Perucchio/i, Numerical Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of Opus Caementicium: Opportunities and Challenges; iChristopher J. Brandon/i, Roman Formwork Used for Underwater Concrete Construction; iArnaud Coutelas/i, The Selection and Use of Lime Mortars on the Building Sites of Roman Gaul; iRuth Siddall/i, From Kitchen to Bathhouse: the Use of Waste Ceramics as Pozzolanic Additives in Roman Mortars; iStefano Camporeale/i, Military Building Techniques in iMauretania Tingitana/i: the Use of Mortar and Rubble at iThamusida/i (Sidi Ali ben Ahmed, Morocco); iÅsa Ringbom al./i, Mortar Dating and Roman Pozzolana, Results and Interpretations; iAlf Lindroos al./i, Problems in Radiocarbon Dating of Roman Pozzolana Mortars; iKhaled Al-Bashaireh Gregory W. L. Hodgins/i, AMS Radiocarbon Dating of Lime-Plaster from the Painted House at Petra, South Jordan; iMaria M. Langley al./i, A Comparison of Dating Techniques at Torre de Palma, Portugal: Mortars and Ceramics.


ISBN 978-951-653-384-4
ISSN 0069-6587