Bringing Justice Closer

Bringing Justice Closer

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Kuosmanen, Taru
Bringing Justice Closer. Hybrid Courts in Post-Conflict Societies
Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights
Erik Castrén Institute Research Reports 22
Helsinki 2007, x + 148 pp.


One of the latest creations among the spectre of transnational justice mechanisms are the so called hybrid courts, which encompass both local and international judges and prosecutors, apply a mix of international and local laws. In this study Taru Kuosmanen condutcs a finely nuanced and very informative dissection of three recent cases of hybrid jurisdictions - the serious crimes regime in East Timor, the international judges and prosecutors programme in Kosovo, and the Special Courts for Sierra Leone. She focuses on the practical problems faced in the establishment of these courts and the conduct of the trials.


ISBN 978-952-10-4053-5
ISSN 1457-5965