Between Sociology and History

Between Sociology and History

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Between Sociology and History. Essays on Microhistory, Collective Action, and Nation-Building. Edited by Anna-Maija Castrén, Markku Lonkila Matti Peltonen
Finnish Literature Society
Studia Historica 70
Helsinki 2004, 344 pp.


The essays are published to honour the career and the 60th birthday of Risto Alapuro.\nThis book contains contributions by distinguished scholars of history, sociology, and anthropology from Finland, France, Italy, Russia, and the United States. The first part of the book includes empirical research and methodological contributions on microhistory and social networks. The second part contains studies and reflections on nation-building, collective action, and the status of sociology.\n


ISBN 951-746-626-9
ISSN 0081-6493