Atlas Florae Europaeae 16

Atlas Florae Europaeae 16

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Atlas Florae Europaeae 16. Distribution of vascular plants in Europe. Rosaceae (Cydonia to Prunus, excl. Sorbus). Edited by Arto Kurtto, Alexander N. Sennikov Raino Lampinen on the basis of team-work of European botanists
Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo
Sastamala 2013, 168 pp.


The present volume of iAtlas Florae Europaeae (AFE)/i is the fourth of the no fewer than five devoted to the large, diversified family Rosaceae. Originally it was intended to include the traditional subfamilies Maloideae and Prunoideae in their entirety in the fourth rosaceous volume. However, the family proved its complexity and dimensions by compelling to devote a special volume to the genus iSorbus/i (s. lato). Even excluding iSorbus/i, the woody subfamilies of Rosaceae are by no means easy groups to map. Maps in this volume are based on data submitted on or before 2 May 2013.


ISBN 978-951-9108-17-9