At Home within Stone Walls

At Home within Stone Walls

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At Home within Stone Walls. Life in the Late Medieval Häme Castle. Eds. Terhi Mikkola Anna Maria Vilkuna
Society for Medieval Archaeology in Finland
Archaeologia Medii Aevi Finlandiae VIII
Saarijärvi 2003, 173 pp.


The work contains articles from different disciplines: history, art history, botany and archaeology. The main subject of the book is Anna-Maria Vilkunas work, in which she discusses the castles function as one of the Crowns economic centres in the 16th century. Johanna Onnelas article about a macrofossil sample from Häme Castle gives further information about nourishment in the form of crop plants used or stored at the castle. A survey of the history and the research history of the castle was written by Knut Drake. Päivi Luppi gives an interpretation of the outer baileys building phases. The dating of the Häme Castle and Hattula Church, structures whose building histories are traditionally linked, is treated by Markus Hiekkanen. Terhi Mikkola writes about the inner structures of the main castle and gives a hypothesis of their use in the late Middle Ages.


ISBN 951-96801-3-6
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