Aspects of Celticity

Aspects of Celticity

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Aspects of Celticity. Proceedings of the Symposium \'Expressions of Celticity through the Ages\' Jyväskylä November 28–30, 1997. Ed. Riitta Latvio, Petri Pietiläinen & Kirsi Ylänne
Finnish Society for Celtic Studies
Jyväskylä 2000, 148 pp.


Including articles: Kanerva Heikkinen, The hunt of the magical boar: in search of cultural meanings in medieval Celtic literature; Pekka Toivanen, The cognitive processes and musical hierarchies in the Robert ap huw manuscript; Glyn Banks, Images of Welsh identity in Shakespeare; Robin Gwyndaf, Recording the Welsh folk narrative tradition: some basic principles of research; Petri Pietiläinen, Forging a monumental history into a personal story: Neil Jordan's fiction; Juha Teppo, Why Celtic cinema is easier than Celtic fiction? A few notes from Roddy Doyle to Danny Boyle.


ISBN 951-98511-0-0