Arctos 48

Arctos 48

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Arctos 48. Editor-in-Chief. Mika Kajava
Klassillis-filologinen yhdistys - Klassisk-filologiska föreningen
Arctos - Acta Philologica Fennica 48
Keuruu 2015, 588 pp.


Articles: Neil Adkin, Some Recent "Improvements" to the Text of Jerome´s Letter 52, "On Sacerdotal Lifestyle"; Necip Fikri Alican, Rethought Forms: How Do They Work?; Luigi Arata, Usi medici dellÁnagyris foetida nella medicina greca; Christer Bruun, True Patriots? The public Activities of the *Augustales of Roman Ostia and the summa honoraria; Giuseppe Camodeca, Un nuovo consularis Byzacenae di tardo IV secolo e i Tannonii di Puteoli; Antonio Corso, Retrieving the Style of Cephisodotus the Younger; Lee Fratantuono, Saevit medio in certamine: Mars in the Aeneid; Seppo Heikkinen, Copy-paste Metrics? Lupus of Ferriéres on Boethius; Panu Hyppönen, 4\pi = 12.5? - The Problems in the Vitruvian Hodometer; Mika Kajava, Two Greek Documents on Bronze (IG XIV 954; IG XIV 955 = IGUR 4); Tua Korhonen, Some Steps Towards Plato´s Ecopolitics in the Laws; Antti Lampinen, Fragments from the `Middle Ground` ̶ Posidonius` Northen Ethnography; Jari Pakkanen, A Reappraisal of the First Publication of Stirrup Jar Inscriptions from Tiryns by Johannes Sundwall: Photographs, Lost Sherds and the à-nu-to/no-di-zo Workshop`; Giorgos C. Paraskeviotis, Verg. ecl, 6,13-30. Mimic Humour in Silenius´Scene; Elina Pyy, In Search of Peer Support: Changing Perspectives on Sisterhood in Roman Imperial Epic; Olli Salomies, Some Published, But Not Very Well Known Latin Inscriptions; Heikki Solin, Analecta epigraphica CCXCII-CCCI; Ville Vuolanto, Children in the Roman World: Cultural and Social Perspectives. A Review Article


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