Arctos 42

Arctos 42

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Arctos 42. Acta Philologica Fennica. Editor-in-Chief Heikki Solin
Classical Association of Finland
Sastamala 2009, 353 pp.


Articles: Luigi Arata, Impieghi del libvotikóv nella medicina greca antica. Una possibile identificazione della pianta; David J. Butterfield, Supplementa Lucretiana; Virginia L. Campbell, Stopping to Smell the Roses: Garden Tombs in Roman Italy; Maurizio Colombo, I soprannomi trionfali di Constantino: una revisione critica della cronologia corrente; Ramón Gutiérrez González, A note on Juvenal 11,156: pupillares testiculi; Mika Kajava, Julia Kalliteknos and Gaius Caesar at Euromus; Peter Kruschwitz, CIL VIII 19 Revisited; Christian Laes, Learning from Silence: Disabled Children in Roman Antiquity; Tuomo Lankila, Proclus' Art of Referring with a Scale of Epithets; Avgi-Anna Maggel, The Invention of a Deceptive Dialogue: Reconsidering the False-Merchant Scene in Sophocles' Philoctetes; Anna Reinikka, On the Attribution of a Latin Schoolgrammar Transmitted in MS Clm 6281; Ronald T. Ridley, Gaetano de Sanctis and the Missing Storia dei Romani; Olli Salomies, Some Observations on the Use of the Pronoun hic haec hoc in Latin Inscriptions; Kaj Sandberg, The So-Called Division of the Roman Empire in AD 395. Notes on a Persistent Theme in Modern Historiography; Heikki Solin, Analecta epigraphica CCXLIV-CCLI; Jaana Vaahtera, On Grammatical Gender in Ancient Linguistics - the Order of Genders; David Woods, Tiberius, Tacfarinas, and the Jews.


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