Annales Botanici Fennici 2018:4-6

Annales Botanici Fennici 2018:4-6

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Annales Botanici Fennici 2018:4-6. Editor-in-Chief Johannes Enroth
Suomen eläin- ja kasvitieteen julkaisutoimikunta
s.l. 2018, 195-409 pp.


Includes the following articles among others: Miettinen O. & Niemelä T., Two new temperate polypore species of Skeletocutis (Polyporales, Basidiomycota; Napiroon T., Balslev H., Poopath M., Chamchumroon V., Vajrodaya S. & Chayamarit K., Three new taxa and a new record of Lasianthus (Rubiaceae) in Thailand; Valdivia C.E., Orellana J.I. & Morales-Paredes C., Ant-mediated nectar robbing from the Chilean firetree Embothrium coccineum (Proteaceae): no effect on seed production; Hoang T.S., Nguyen V.N., Tran L.D., Vo Q.T., Trinh N.B., Nguyen H.T. & Li B., Castanopsis dongnaiensis (Fagaceae), a new species from Vietnam; Mao S.Z., Ding L., Zhao B., Cen H.F. & Hu C.M., Ardisia nutantiflora (Primulaceae), a new species from Guangxi, China; von Numers M., Distribution patterns and long-term changes in vascular plants of non-littoral areas in the SW archipelago of Finland. Part IV. Rosaceae, Fabaceae, Onagraceae, Sapindaceae, Oxalidaceae, Geraniaceae, Polygalaceae, Cornaceae, Apiaceae, Rhamnaceae, Rubiaceae; Denchev T.T. & Denchev C.M., Tilletia tripogonellae (Tilletiaceae), a new smut fungus on Tripogonella spicata (Poaceae) from Argentina; Shen J.Y., Yan L.C., Landrein S., Ma X.D., Xi H.C., Zhang S.H. & Shi J.P., Salacia menglaensis a new species (Celastraceae) from China; Żołubak E., Łobas Z., Faltyn A. & Jakubska-Busse A., Epipactis purpurata f. variegata (Orchidaceae), a new infraspecific taxon; Vimal K.P., Shinoj K., Prasad M.G. & Sunojkumar P., Leucas dhonimalayensis (Lamiaceae), a new species from Peninsular India; Khoshsokhan-Mozaffar M., Mahboubeh Sherafati M. & Kazempour-Osaloo S., Molecular phylogeny of the tribe Rochelieae (Boraginaceae, Cynoglossoideae) with special reference to Lappula; Gudžinskas Z. & Žalneravičius E., Seedling dynamics and population structure of invasive Heracleum sosnowskyi (Apiaceae) in Lithuania; Sennikov A.N., Scandosorbus (Rosaceae), a new generic name for Sorbus intermedia and its hybrid; Arriola A.H., Dalit H.B. & Alejandro G.J.D., Villaria marinduquensis (Octotropideae, Rubiaceae) a new species from Marinduque, Philippines; Huang G.H., Yan X.K., Hu C.M. & Hao G., Ardisia bullata (Primulaceae), a new species from Hainan, China; Hai D.V., Oanh P.T., Deng Y.F., Lin Z.L., Choudhary R.K. & Lee J., Rungia khoii (Acanthaceae), a new species from northern Vietnam; Huttunen S., Juutinen R. & Vuorinen K.E.M., Taxonomy, ecology and conservation status of the mosses Fissidens bryoides, F. gymnandrus and F. viridulus in Finland; Wu Y., Xiang Z.H., Xie D., Liu Y.D. & Zhang D.G., Prunus nutantiflora (Rosaceae), a new species from Hunan Province, China; von Numers M., Distribution patterns and long-term changes in vascular plants of non-littoral areas in the SW archipelago of Finland. Part V. Apocynaceae, Gentianaceae, Menyanthaceae, Oleaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Adoxaceae,Convolvulaceae, Boraginaceae, Lamiaceae, Plantaginaceae, Solanaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Campanulaceae, Asteraceae; Ri X. & Zhao L.Q., Astragalus nuoergongensis (Fabaceae), a new species from Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, China.


ISSN 0003-3847