Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Series A 1. Mathematica 29:1

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Series A 1. Mathematica 29:1

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Series A 1. Mathematica 29:1. Editor Olli Martio
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Helsinki 2004, 239 pp.


Articles: iMika Seppälä/i, Myrbergs numerical uniformization of hyperelliptic curves; iStephen M. Buckley/i, Quasiconformal images of Hölder domains; iAlf Jonsson/i, Triangulations of closed sets and bases in function spaces; iIlkka Holopainen Pekka Pankka/i, Mappings of finite distortion: Global homeomorphism theorem; iDomingo García, Manuel Maestre Pablo Sevilla-Peris/i, Composition Operators between weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on Banach spaces; iP. W. Jones A. G. Poltoratski/i, Asymptotic growth of Cauchy transforms; iSaeed Zakeri/i, David maps and Hausdorff dimension; iRuhan Zhao/i, Pointwise multipliers from weighted Bergman spaces and Hardy spaces to weighted Bergman spaces; iHabib Mâagli Syrine Masmoudi/i, Positive solutions of some nonlinear elliptic problems in unbounded domain; iPiotr Hajlasz Jani Onninen/i, On boundedness of maximal functions in Sobolev spaces; iTimo Tossavainen/i, Pathwise connectivity in uniform domains with small exceptional sets; iGuowu Yao/i, Hamilton sequences and extremality for certain Teichmüller mappings; iNageswari Shanmugalingam/i, Singular behavior of conformal Martin kernels and nontangential limits of conformal mappings; iLeonid V. Kovalev/i, Quasiregular mappings of maximal local modulus of continuity; iJosé Bonet Friz Miguel/i, Weakly compact wedge operators on Köthe echelon spaces; iJ. Heittokangas, R. Korhonen J. Rättyä/i, Growth estimates for solutions of linear complex differential equations.


ISSN 1239-629X