Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 41:1

Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 41:1

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Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Mathematica 41:1. Edited by Olli Martio
Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia
Sastamala 2016, 501 pp.


Including articles: Ala-Mattila, Vesa, Conformal measures and locally conformally flat metric tensors; Alberge, Vincent, Convergence of some horocyclic deformations to the Gardiner-Masur boundary Bailleul, Maxime & Ole Fredrik Brevig, Composition operators on Bohr-Bergman spaces of Dirichlet series; Bao, Guanlong & Jordi Pau, Boundary multipliers of a family of Möbius invariant function spaces; Berrios, Sonia & Geraldo Botelho, Ideal topologies and corresponding approximation properties ; Bharali, Gautam, Complex geodesics, their boundary regularity, and a Hardy-Littlewood-type lemma; Byun, Sun-Sig, Dian K. Palagachev & Lubomira G. Softova, Global gradient estimates in weighted Lebesgue spaces for parabolic operators; Cheng, Tao & Shanshuang Yang, Dilatations and exponents of quasisymmetric homeomorphisms; Fenton, P.C. & John Rossi, A non-power series approach to Wiman-Valiron type theorems; Fortier Bourque, Maxime, The converse of the Schwarz Lemma is false; Gao, Yong-Xin & Ze-Hua Zhou, Spectra of some invertible weighted composition operators on Hardy and weighted Bergman spaces in the unit ball; He, Cheng-Jun & Chang-Lin Xiang, Uniqueness of positive radial solutions to singular critical growth quasilinear elliptic equations; Hu, Jun & Francisco G. Jimenez-Lopez, Comparison between Teichmüller metric and length spectrum metric under partial twists; Huang, Xiaojun, Hongjun Liu & Jinsong Liu, Local properties of quasihyperbolic mappings in metric spaces; Huusko, Juha-Matti, Taneli Korhonen & Atte Reijonen, Linear differential equations with solutions in the growth space Hω∞; Käenmäki, Antti & Eino Rossi, Weak separation condition, Assouad dimension, and Furstenberg homogeneity; Kalaj, David, Heinz-Schwarz inequalities for harmonic mappings in the unit ball; Kauranen, Aapo, Generalized dimension estimates for images of porous sets in metric spaces; Kirsilä, Ville, Integration by parts on generalized manifolds and applications on quasiregular maps; Kupka, Ivan, Topological generalization of Cauchy's mean value theorem; Lin, Bingwen, Congwen Liu & Jun Wang, A sharp version of the Forelli-Rudin type estimates on the unit real ball; Miculescu, Radu & Alexandru Mihail, A sufficient condition for a finite family of continuous functions to be transformed into ψ-contractions; Milman, Mario, Marcinkiewicz spaces, Garsia-Rodemich spaces and the scale of John-Nirenberg self improving inequalities; Radnell, David, Eric Schippers & Wolfgang Staubach, Dirichlet problem and Sokhotski-Plemelj jump formula on Weil-Petersson class quasidisks; Šaric, Dragomir, Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates for asymptotically conformal deformations; Sevost'yanov, Evgeny, On open and discrete mappings with a modulus condition; Soto, Tomás, Pointwise and grand maximal function characterizations of Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces; Stempak, Krzysztof, Examples of metric measure spaces related to modified Hardy-Littlewood maximal operators; Wang, Lin Feng, On Ricci-harmonic metrics; Wen, Zhi-Tao & Zhuan Ye, Wiman-Valiron theorem for q-differences; Yang, Dachun & Ciqiang Zhuo, Molecular characterizations and dualities of variable exponent Hardy spaces associated with operators


ISSN 1239-629X