Ancient Kings of Peru

Ancient Kings of Peru

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Hiltunen, Juha J.
Ancient Kings of Peru. The Reliability of the Chronicle of Fernando de Montesinos; Correlating the Dynasty Lists with Current Prehistoric Periodization in the Andes
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Bibliotheca Historica 45
Helsinki 1999, 511 pp.


Ancient Kings of Peru is a groundbreaking volume and an intriguing study, which will provoke debate in many quarters and reshape our understanding of the Andean past. Drawing on most current archaeological, ethnographic, and linguistic evidence, as well as intensive use of revalorized documentary sources and cross-cultural auxilary data, Hiltunen offers a completely new insight to Andean prehistory. Focusing essentially on thorough analysis of a longneglected primary source, the chronicle of Fernando de Montesinos and his dynasty lists, this study contributes in rehabilitating Montesinos as a reliable historical source, and addresses for the first time coherent perspective into Andean ethnohistoric past antecedating the Incas.


ISBN 951-710-112-0
ISSN 1238-3503