Agricultural and Food Science 2009:3-4

Agricultural and Food Science 2009:3-4

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Agricultural and Food Science 2009:3-4. Food security, energy, environment. Special issue dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland. Guest editors Aila Vanhatalo, Laura Alakukku, Juha Helenius & al.
Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland. MTT Agrifood Research Finland
Tampere 2009, 326 pp.


Including articles: Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio & al., Climate change and prolongation of growing season: changes in regional potential for field crop production in Finland; Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio, Lauri Jauhiainen & Kaija Hakala, Are there indications of climate change induced increases in variability of major field crops in the northernmost European conditions? Eija Valkonen, Reine Rinne & Jarmo Valaja, Effects of perch on feed consumption and behaviour of caged laying hens; Hanna-Riitta Kymäläinen & al., Assessment of cleanness of environmental surfaces in cattle barns and piggeries; Sami Myyrä, Pekka Pihamaa & Timo Sipiläinen, Productivity growth on Finnish grain farms from 1976-2006: a parametric approach; T. Kuosmanen & J. Niemi, What explains the widening gap between the retail and producer prices of food? H. J. Mikkola & Jukka Ahokas, Energy ratios in Finnish agricultural production; Kaija Hakala, Markku Kontturi & Katri Pahkala, Field biomass as global energy source; Ilona Bärlund & al., Soil parameter variability affecting simulated field-scale water balance, erosion and phosphorus losses; Jarmo Linjama & al., Implementation of automatic sensors for continuous monitoring of runoff quantity and quality in small catchments; Kari Hyytiäinen & al., An integrated simulation model to evaluate national measures for the abatement of agricultural nutrients in the Baltic Sea; Kirsi Usva & al., Supply chain integrated LCA approach to assess environmental impatcs of food production in Finland; Kristiina Regina & al., Modelled impacts of mitigation measures on greenhouse gas emissions from Finnish agriculture up to 2020.


ISSN 1459-6067 (print), ISSN 1795-1895 (elect. ed.)