Agricultural and Food Science 2006:3

Agricultural and Food Science 2006:3

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Agricultural and Food Science 2006:3. Animal Science. Special issue dedicated to Professor emeritus Esko Poutiainen. Editor Markku Yli-Halla
Scientific Agricultural Society of Finland. MTT Agrifood Research Finland
Vammala 2006, 167 pp.


Articles: E. Saarisalo & al., Effect of lactic acid bacteria inoculants, formic acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of wilted grass silage; S. Jaakkola & al., Effects of restriction of silage fermentation with formic acid on milk production; M. Tuori & al., Omasal sampling technique in estimation of the site and extent of mineral absorption in dairy cows fed rapeseed and soybean expellers; P. Pursiainen & M. Tuori, Replacing grass silage with pea-barley intercrop silage in the feeding of the dairy cow; A. Vanhatalo, T. Gäddnäs & T. Heikkilä, Microbial protein synthesis, digestion and lactation responses of cows to grass or grass-red clover silage diet supplemented with barley or oats; H. Khalili & al., Effect of concentrate feeding strategy on the performance of dairy cows fed total mixed rations; A. Sairanen & al., Comparison of part-time grazing and indoor silage feeding on milk production; P. Huhtanen, J. Nousiainen & M. Rinne, Recent developments in forage evaluation with special reference to practical applications; K. Partanen & al., Performance, carcass quality, and gastric alterations in fattening pigs fed additives containing formic acid either coated with sorbate or mixed with lactic acid; H. Kenttämies & al., Phenotypic and genetic parameters and responses in temperament of silver fox cubs in a selection experiment for confident behaviour.


ISSN 1459-6067