Africa in the Long Run

Africa in the Long Run

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Africa in the Long Run. Festschrift in the Honour of Professor Arvi Hurskainen. Edited by Lotta Harjula Maaria Ylänkö
Finnish Oriental Society
Studia Orientalia 103
Vammala 2006, xviii + 230 pp.


Including articles: iMika Vähäkangas/i, Trickster-God Ghambageu and Sonjo resistance to Christian mission; iAuli Vähäkangas/i, Stigma and shame of HIV / AIDS in the life stories of Alpha group; iHolger Weiss/i, The race to Lake Chad or white men’s ‘sporting tours’ in West Africa, c. 1900–1902; iRisto Marjomaa/i, Long struggle for the Shari’a in northern Nigeria; iMaaria Ylänkö/i, Will Kinshasa persist? Impressions about the status and the economy of a capital in a collapsed state; iRaimo Harjula/i, Interpreting and translating African proverbs. Problems and challenges; iAnu Quarshie/i, Emotions, somatization and psychiatric symptons among the Akan; iLotta Harjula/i, Designing orthography for the Ha language; iJussi Raumolin/i, Views of periphery of ICT and development perspectives from Canada to Africa.


ISBN 951-9380-67-1
ISSN 0039-3282